Yorke has returned with her first single of the year ‘Window Shopping’. It’s an effortless, playful pop moment that reasserts her position as an exciting and versatile presence in the Australian music scene. The singer/songwriter has been developing a strong catalogue over the past few years and ‘Window Shopping’ is yet another leap-forward. Simultaneously confident and carefree, it’s the mark of an artist in the midst of a creative hot streak.

‘Window Shopping’ was produced by Louis Schoorl (Kesha, Charlotte Lawrence), bringing a sunny, disco-tinged flair to the song. That sonic aesthetic goes hand-in-hand with Yorke’s lyrical exploration of romance. Her vulnerable songwriting has always allowed her to portray romance vividly and here, she wrestles with her desire to impress a potential love interest while retaining her natural personality.

“I don’t know who I am when I’m with you,” she sings, dancing through the early jitters of dating.

“I think sometimes the anxiety of wanting to make a good first impression (in any respect) can overshadow the ability to establish a meaningful connection,” she says about the song’s meaning which was born from a conversation with her girlfriends.

Yorke’s recent music has allowed her to open up more than ever, finding self-confidence and subsequent evolution. A period of self-reflection and evaluation has seen her re-emerge with a clear picture of her place as an artist as well as encouraging a more daring approach to making music.

“Having had that time to sit back and re-evaluate the world of Yorke was the biggest blessing and whilst the core of my song writing and philosophy remains the same, it’s thrilling to explore this new world,” she says.

‘Window Shopping’ was created over the course of just a few hours with Yorke finding musical inspiration in different sounds. If you listen closely, you’ll hear her playing the triangle, the Cabasa and a trash can, embracing the playful nature of the song. That freedom and creative energy in the studio comes across on tape. She sounds freer than ever before, delivering a crystalline vocal that’s full of charisma.

It’s a continuation of the sort of creative freedom she explored on last year’s ‘Gravity’. The Japanese Wallpaper-produced single is a gliding, pulsating track that showcased Yorke going bigger than ever. Together with ‘Window Shopping’, they herald a new era for Yorke that is set to unfurl further this year.

Since Yorke’s arrival with her debut EP ‘Liberosis’ in 2020, she’s amassed over 6 million streams. She’s also become a captivating performer supporting the likes of Lewis Capaldi, The Veronicas and Ruel while also embarking on her own sold-out headline tour. Recently she’s played sold out shows as part of NSW’s Great Southern Nights and returned to the festival stage with an exuberant show at For The Love Festival.

With a new single in hand, she is posed to expand the musical world of Yorke in 2021. As she puts it, “Welcome to the next chapter of Yorke.”